Old Imbil Forest Drive Road Closure
24 July 2017

HQPlantations wishes to advise that the Old Imbil Forest Drive in Yabba Logging Area Imbil State Forest (Near Borumba Dam) will be closed due to harvesting activities, the road closure is to ensure public safety during the planned harvesting operation.

Access to plantation areas in Yabba Logging Area along the Old Imbil Forest Drive will be restricted from approximately the 24th of July 2017 for an estimated 3 to 4 months. There will also be log trucks using the Old Imbil Forest Drive out onto Derrier Road and Sterling’s Crossing. Signage will be in place to advise of Road Closures and where log trucks may be encountered.

Closure map here

For further information contact:
HQPlantations Imbil Office
07 5484 4200

Kuranda Road Closure
27 June 2017

HQPlantations Pty Ltd wish to advise the Forestry access road located in Warrgin logging area Kuranda is closed due to harvesting activities, the road closure is to ensure public safety during the planned harvesting operation.

Access to plantation areas within the Forestry access road and the Warrgin logging area will be restricted from the 26th of June until advised.

For further information contact:
John Bennett
Operations Manager, Ingham
07 4776 2777

Cardwell Road Closure
27 June 2017

HQPlantations Pty Ltd wish to advise the continuation road of The Cardwell forest drive to the North of the Spa Pools, also known as the “Milk Run” is closed due to re-forestation activities, the road closure is to ensure public safety during the planned re- establishment activities following TC Yasi.

Access to plantation areas within the Glenbora logging area will be restricted from the 26th of June until advised.

For further information contact:
John Bennett
Operations Manager, Ingham
07 4776 2777

Plantation Closure Update
16 May 2017

Following recent weather events and damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Debbie, HQPlantations wishes to advise that Cathu State Forest has been closed to all public access until plantation roads and tracks have been assessed for fallen trees and damage, and any safety concerns are rectified.

The closure applies to all public access including access by car, four wheel drive, motor bike, horse, bicycle and on foot. Only authorised forest workers and emergency services personnel are permitted to enter the plantations.

Access to Jaxut Camping Ground is not impacted on by this closure, however please monitor the NPSR website for any alerts on the status of the campsite - https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/cathu/camping.html.

For further information contact the HQPlantations Byfield Office – 4837 4100.

Prescribed burning in Pamona, Toolara, Tuan, Wongi and Elliot River
13 April 2017

Over the coming cooler months HQPlantations prescribed burning program will commence in the native forest and plantation areas it manages at Pomona, Toolara, Tuan, Wongi and Elliott River.

Prescribed burning activities are performed by our highly trained and experienced employees and contractors to reduce the volume of fuel available for wildfires in spring and summer when higher temperatures and lower rainfall and humidity increase the risk of wildfire.

Importantly prescribed burning helps to protect local residents, our local communities and infrastructure and native forest and plantation resources from wildfire incidents.

As part of this program, we plan to undertake prescribed burning in the next couple of months. For further information see our prescribed burning program here or contact:

Toolara Office
07 5488 2112

Planting Operations in Cathu Forest Area
13 February 2017

HQPlantations wishes to advise that tree planting operations will commence at HQPlantations Cathu forest area from Friday the 17th of February 2017 to 30th of May 2017.

People can expect forest workers both on and off road as well as slow moving vehicles with trailers and semi trailers along the Cathu O'Connell road during the planting dates. 

People should drive to the conditions, watch out for people, vehicles, heavy machinery and obey all road rules and signage. All persons driving motor vehicles or riding motorbikes in the Cathu Plantation area must be Licensed and registered.

Harvesting Closure near Beerwah Cemetery
24 January 2017

HQPlantations has now closed the pine plantation compartments between Mawsons Road and the Beerwah Cemetery.

The area will be closed to public access for approximately two years to enable the safe completion of harvesting, site preparation and replanting.

Fencing has been erected, video surveillance has been installed and regular security patrols are being performed to ensure the work site remains safe during the closure.

Closed areas. See full version of closure sign here.

Access to the Beerwah Cemetery will not be impacted during this period, however, visitors are advised to be alert for heavy machinery and logging trucks operating in the area.

The rest of the Beerburrum plantation continues to be open to licensed drivers with registered vehicles operating on formed roads unless signage in other harvesting areas indicates otherwise.

For further information please call
HQPlantations Beerburrum Office
Stephanie Hunt, Community Engagement Manager
stephanie.hunt@hqplantations.com.au  or 07 5438 6666

Coonoongibber Road Closure
16 January 2017

HQPlantations wishes to advise that Coonoongibber Creek Rd south of the Imbil State Forest boundary will be closed for approximately three months for plantation harvesting and timber haulage operations.

Due to the location of the active harvesting front along this section of road, trees will be felled across the road and an increased volume of trucks and heavy machinery will be working on and adjacent to the road. The safety of all road users was at the forefront of our decision to temporarily close the road.

Although it isn’t a gazetted thoroughfare, we recognise that this road is a popular short cut between north and south areas of Imbil State Forest, and for local recreational usage including access to the rockpools in the Coonoon Logging Area. HQPlantations will endeavour to keep the closure as brief as possible. An alternative access to the rockpools is available via Pullen Rd.

The closure will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week until April or May 2017.

Please be aware that you may not enter any roads or trails in an active forest harvesting area without proper authorisation at any time of the day or night until harvesting operations are complete and the signs have been removed.

An active harvesting area is a high risk work site and dangers to personal safety are very real even if no harvesting machinery or logging trucks are immediately present.

Barriers and ‘Do Not Enter’ signage must be observed for the entire duration of the harvesting and haulage period.

These signs apply to all people in trucks and cars or on motorcycles, bicycles and horses, and even people hiking, walking or exercising their dogs.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about this temporary closure, please contact our Imbil office on 5484 4200.

HQPlantations is Queensland’s largest plantation timber company and is responsible for the management of more than 330,000 hectares of forestry plantations and custodial lands across the state.

Harvesting in Good Night Scrub State Forest
17 November 2016

HQPlantations has commenced harvesting its Araucaria (hoop pine) plantations located in the Good Night Scrub State Forest south of Gin Gin. The harvest is planned to take place over an 18 month period.

Harvest operations will be undertaken according to management guidelines outlined by the Queensland Government and by the HQPlantations sustainable forest management systems which are independently audited under the internationally recognised Australian Forestry Standard and Forest Stewardship Council Certification systems. 

HQPlantations, in conjunction with the Bundaberg Regional Council, has put in place a traffic management plan, including curfews and speed restrictions, to ensure safe road use by log transport trucks and the effective management of Goodnight and Walla Roads during harvest and haul operations.

Access to plantation areas within the Good Night Scrub State Forest may be restricted from time to time for safety reasons.

Once the Good Night Scrub plantations have been harvested, management of the area will revert to the State Government in accordance with the requirements of HQPlantations’ Plantation Licence.     

The Good Night Scrub National Park will be unaffected by the harvest.

Good Night Scrub Newsletter (4.2 MB)

For further information please call
HQPlantations Toolara Office
07 5488 2112

Harvesting Operations in Woodford Pine Plantations
5 August 2016

HQPlantations Pty Ltd wish to advise that tree harvesting in the pine plantations adjacent to Beerburrum-Woodford Road, will commence on Monday 8th of August 2016. Short term delays for a four week period will occur during active tree felling and loading activities. This is to ensure public safety during the harvesting operations.

Ringtail Plantation Area | Acess Restrictions Update
15 September 2015

HQPlantations Pty Ltd is Queensland’s largest plantation company, managing near 212,000 hectares of Southern Pine, Araucaria and Hardwood Plantations throughout Queensland.  HQPlantations’ Coastal Region is responsible for managing approximately 134,000 hectares including small pockets of plantation on the Sunshine Coast including the Ringtail Plantation Area.

Over many years, the Ringtail Plantation Area was targeted for unauthorised waste disposal and malicious damage to the plantation and road network infrastructure resulting in significant economic, social and environmental impacts to HQPlantations assets, our employees, contractors and other forest users.  Such behaviour presented a risk for all forest users, contributed to environmental issues, increased the plantation fire risk profile and prevented safe and effective access to the plantation area by emergency services. 

HQPlantations is committed to good forest stewardship and strives to sustainably manage our plantations in a manner that promotes safe, responsible and environmentally conscious activity. 

HQPlantations implemented access restrictions, limiting car, truck and 4WD access to the Ringtail Plantation Area in late 2013 as part of a multi-faceted management plan, developed to combat illegal dumping and malicious damage. 

Effective implementation of the management plan to-date has produced some great results including a significant reduction in unauthorised waste disposal and moderate reductions in unauthorised traffic and damage to the plantation. 

Additionally, HQPlantations has invested significant time and resources into:

  1. Removal of more than 30 tonnes of rubbish thanks to 2 Clean Up Australia Day campaigns supported by Noosa Regional Council, neighbours and the local community;
  2. Minor road rehabilitation with further works planned for late 2015, coinciding with harvesting events;
  3. Implementation of a compliance program including Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing cooperative patrols and installation of surveillance cameras;


If you wish to contact us regarding the access restrictions or management plan, please call 07 5488 2112 or email frasercoast@hqplantations.com.au.

Please note that organised, competitive and commercial events held in the Plantation Licence Area will require a permit.  Please see the Recreation Permits page for further information. 


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HQPlantations Byfield Recovery Operations
26 August 2015

HQPlantations Pty Ltd wishes to advise that recovery harvesting operations in the Byfield area are ongoing until further notice. Harvest and haulage operations may be taking place within the following areas:

  1. Rockhampton - Yeppoon road,
  2. Byfield “Bypass” Road (Woodbury, Preston, Limestone Creek and Neils Roads)
  3. Byfield Road,
  4. Stony Creek Road,
  5. In the vicinity of Stony Creek QPWS camping area,
  6. In the vicinity of Byfield Township,
  7. Water Park Creek Road, including across the Water Park Creek Causeway,
  8. In the vicinity of Water Park Creek QPWS camping area,
  9. Sandy Creek Road
  10. Five Rocks Road (leading to Five Rocks QPWS camping area)

On occasion temporary traffic lights and associated signage can be expected on the Waterpark Creek Causeway, with B-double timber trucks to be expected travelling over the causeway both day and night.

While recovery operations are in progress, public will may encounter: B-double timber trucks, gravel trucks, graders, associated harvesting machinery and heavy support vehicles at varying times of the day and night.

The Public are also reminded that Byfield State Forest remains closed indefinitely while these recovery operations are in progress. HQPlantations manages 12,000 hectares of plantation in the area and its key priority is the safety of staff, contractors and the general public. We seek the public’s support in complying with these closures to ensure the safety of all involved in the recovery program.

Enquires can be directed to:
Amanda Farrell
Forester, Byfield
07 4837 4110  


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